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 Safety Window Film


 Handihomes Safety Window Film - Peel & Stick


Colour: Clear (completely transparent)
Roll Size: 2.5M x 1.52M x 100 micron


Handihomes Safety Window Film is specially designed to strengthen the glass on your windows. The film is tested to comply with EN12600 European and British standard and is approved for use in child care facilities throughout the UK and Europe. During the test a device consisting of two rubber wheels around a steel bore weighing 50kg is swung into the test sample glass window via a pendulum movement. Following the impact there will be no permanent deformation, nor any residual debris evident on any part of the test sample. The film is completely clear so it is difficult to detect on your window.

The peel ‘n stick film is so easy to install. First thoroughly clean the window and spray the glass with a solution of baby shampoo and bottled water to provide slipperiness for film positioning. Remove the backing film and apply the film to the window, using a squeegee to press out the air and water bubbles. The job can be finished in minutes.

We can send you a sample and brochure on request. Phone (03) 9460 8000 or email enquiry@handihome.com.au




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