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 Shower Diverter and Mount


The Handihomes Shower Diverter & Mount allows you to install a hand shower alongside your overhead shower. This provides a perfect solution for help with bathing due to an injury or for seated bathing on your own or with your carer. The switch on the Diverter will direct the water flow through the fixed shower or the hand shower as required.

This is a home job. No expensive plumbing or fixing is required. Simply unscrew your overhead shower from the wall pipe and screw on the Diverter using plumbers tape for a better seal to prevent leaking. Now wrap the threads on the diverter with the plumbers tape and screw the overhead shower and the hand shower onto the Diverter by hand without using force. Hand tightening is sufficient.

The Mount Bracket for the hand shower can be affixed to the shower wall using the self-adhesive back of the unit or for a hard fix screw the unit to the wall with the screws provided.

The Handihomes Shower Diverter & Mount comes in the one package for a price of about $11.95 complete. For further details phone Handi Home Supplies (03) 9460 8000 or email enquiry@handihome.com.au

Shower Diverter and Mount

Shower Diverter and Mount


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