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 Cling-On Removable Privacy Film



Step 1

Measure the window and cut the film to size with 2cm excess all round.


Step 2

Clean glass thoroughly with a few drops of baby shampoo in a spray bottle of filtered or bottled water.
Do not use vinegar or ammonia solution.

Step 3

Use two pieces of adhesive tape at top corner to start separation of the backing from the film.


Step 4

Spray the glass liberally with same baby shampoo/water mix as used to clean glass in step 1.


Step 5

Liberally spray the back side of the face film with the same solution (1), whilst peeling off the backing film.

Step 6

Starting at the top, place the wet back of the face film onto the wet glass and work down the window.

Step 7

Squeegee any bubbles to within 2cm of the window edge. keep the film surface wet to allow the squeegee to pull easily across it.

Step 8

Use a utility knife and ruler to trim the film leaving a 1-2mm border between the edge of the film and the window.

Step 9

To re-use the film it must be removed within two years after the first application. To store away for later use, the film should be re-applied to the backing film.



  • Before laminating make sure glass surface is very clean, free of dirt and dust particles. Use a lint free cleaning cloth.
  • Don't leave dry spots on film before laminating.
  • Don't press so hard on the squeegee that you stretch the film.
  • Water bubbles (not air bubbles) still remaining after squeegee will usually evaporate within 2-3 days.
  • To maintain film surface do not use vinegar or strong detergents.


Do not apply the film to warm glass or when temperature is less than 5 degrees C.
Do not apply to non-smooth glass.
Do not apply to double glazed windows.