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 Powerflow Flexible Aerator


This unique Italian made Powerflow Flexible Aerator makes sink chores so much easier. Now you can guide a powerful direct spray to the extremities of your sink and large dishes to remove stubborn food particles in an instant. It’s just marvellous for rinsing those large platters and woks. Great for washing vegetables too, Can handle high water pressure & constant usage as in restaurant kitchens.
The solid chrome Powerflow Flexible Aerator reduces water flow from around 21 litres to just 7 litres per minute to provide precious water saving whilst maintaining water pressure.
This high quality device is so easy to install without any tools. Just unscrew your existing aerator and screw on the device. Simply tighten by hand. It is designed to fit onto standard size male and female tap threads 21-23mm diameter.

  • Reduces flow to save water
  • Powerful water pressure cleaner
  • Fits standard taps with 21-23mm thread
  • Simply screw on by hand
  • Solid chrome construction
  • Attractive design
  • Promotes good hygiene
  • Economical



Powerflow Flexible Aerator


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