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 Sink Tap Click-On's


This is an extremely handy product.  The kit comprises a chrome receptor and click on connectors for a hand shower, swivel aerator and garden hose. 
Simply screw the chrome receptor onto your sink tap and leave it there permanently.   Screw the click on fittings onto the other devices.  Then whenever you need to use one of them simply click it onto the receptor in the same way you attach a garden spray fitting to your hose. 

At last there’s a way to take warm water outside via your garden hose to wash your dog or clean the deck.  Yes, it also provides the means to easily water those plants outside the window or on the balcony.  Or conveniently click on your hand shower for shampooing your hair over the sink.  HINT:  Leave your versatile SWISH-A-SINK Swivel Aerator on the receptor when not performing another function.  

Now you can give your dog the warm and thorough wash it deserves - outside. just screw the attractive chrome receptor of Handihomes Sink Tap Click-Ons onto your sink tap and leave on permanently.


Whenever you want to wash your dog simply click on your garden hose.


Fittings supplied also allow you to click on your hand shower or water saving Swish-A-Sink.